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Old 07-26-2010, 06:39 PM   #1
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model 2955

What can anyone tell us about this model. Good bad and ugly... It is a 2002 model thanks,
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Illini Trekker
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Not sure about the 2002 floor plan probable the same as our 2005, the floor plan works well of me and my wifes travels. There is more cabinet space than we would ever need with thinking about traveling light. If you plan on traveling with kid the camper may get crowded around the bath area. The camper itself works well with just two sides which helps it fit in state parks and smaller CGs. With it being around 32 Ft long and liter than most and have bedroom slide we like ours very well.
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I have an 01 2955. It is near the perfect camper for me. I agree with what Illili Trekker said. Its easy to pull and I can take it places a 3400 just wont go. I boondock allot in places some people wouldn't take their truck. It is big enough to be comfortable in.
Lynwood Harrell
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Old 07-27-2010, 03:51 AM   #4
Pete Hanson
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We have been using an '02 2955RL for a number of years now and we are relunctant to upgrade to a newer model. We are not full timers but would not hesitate to "long time" in it. The floor plan is pretty much unchanged in the more recent versions of the 2955 and it really works for us. I originally bought it because of its size and weight because I was new to 5th wheeling and only had a Dodge 2500 diesel to pull it with. This combo has worked out very well for us. I have no facts to back this up but I feel that the older units were made a little more ruggedly than the trailers are today. We have not seemed to experience many of the issues that I read about on the forum. For instance, our decals are still in pretty good shape after all these years. I have upgraded the shackels, remounted one of the awning supports and remounted the cover under the bedroom/hitch overhang but other than that it has remained structurally solid. I would recommend checking on the age of the tires on any used trailer only because if they blow they can cause a lot of body damage. We learned this through experience. I've read on this forum and others that tires should be replaced every five years whether they need it or not. I think the major concern for us is replacement parts for the body of the Monty but so far so good. I guess the summary is that we still love our mature 2955 and it works for us.
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Old 07-27-2010, 06:28 AM   #5
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Mine is slightly newer, 2010, but I bought the floor plan because everything can be used with the slides in, as in over nite at Wal-mart. Granted it's tight, but useable. Have looked at some floor plans where you can't get to the bathroom or fridge without puting the slide out. For two it's great, and the air mattress in the sofa works for short term guest. I agree with kids, it could get crowded fast, but since we normally only travel with several cats it works fine.
Michelle & Ann
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Old 07-27-2010, 07:13 AM   #6
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The 2955 has been one of Montanas best selling layouts.

We just recently traded our 2004 2955 for a 3400. The 2955 served our needs very well. The only reason we traded is because our use has changed. We are now using the rv more than weekends and a one week stay. This past winter we spent 3 months in Texas, and while comfortable enough, Pat wanted more room in the kitchen area.

The 32' length is a great size especially in the northeast where campgrounds are smaller and more "woodsey"
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Old 07-27-2010, 10:50 AM   #7
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We have had a 2002 - 2955 model for 5 years and we love it. Light weight, easy pulling. We pull with 2500 GMC - gas. No problems with anything. I would buy another 2955 if I was trading. Just the right size for 2 people and still room for company to visit as long as the crowd isn't to big....If you are just a beginner in the camper trailers, check the tires carefully, as that old of a unit may have some bad ones if they haven't been replaced lately....JB
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Old 07-27-2010, 03:23 PM   #8
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We have a 2006 2955RL and love it!!!! We just retired and have been out for 2 1/2 months and plan on a total of 5 months out. We always used it for weekends and 1 or 2 week vacations. We travel with a 30 lb beagle and 2 tabby cats. Surprisingly it does not feel crowded. The kitties find their own little nooks someplace and the dog usually naps on the sofa or one of the recliners. Thank heaven for the central vac!!! I travel with all my oil painting supplies with easel, etc and also my sewing machine. Two cabinets are devoted to my sewing supplies and material. DH has all his fishing and archery equip. in the basement. Believe it or not but we still have near empty storage cabinets inside!! We would love to upgrade to a 3615 but the 2955 is really fine and all we really need. Many people even start out fulltiming in a 2955. You won't be sorry with it. Good luck and happy trails....Joanie
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Old 07-27-2010, 03:36 PM   #9
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We have a 2005 2955 and it has served us well with no problems. The only negative that we have is when we have over night company once the bed is out you can not get out the door without crawling over sleeping people on the sofa. This is an issue for us because the hubby gets up early and our kids like to sleep in when visiting. I am not sure but I think the air bed on the sofa on newer models is shorter which helps with the issue. We end up sleeping in the livingroom and give the kids the master which is our only solution. Just something to think about. We do really enjoy it but if we had to do it again we would go with a 3 slide at least. They make one 1 ft longer with an extra slide. I think the number is a 3075. That is our only complaint, the living situation is very comfortable and we have enjoyed having it. Like others have said it is made for 2 people.
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The good:

Love the floorplan, the storage, and the size. Perfect for two humans and 2 fur-people.

The 'bad':

Not that bad actually. Stuff wears out in RVs fast. I've replaced/fixed : waterheater elements & thermostat, knobs on the stove, day/night blinds, decals, heater vents, plumbing leaks........ But all in all this has been one of the BEST rigs we've owned over the last 40 years.

Yeah, the sleeper/sofa is a bit of a roadblock. We use cots for the grandkids.

Here's the ugly:

Ours caught fire. Electrical short near the batteries. Most of the 12v wiring had to be replaced. (It's a long story that ended up costing almost $25K - find it in the archives)

On the other hand my brother-in-laws SOB caught fire in the middle of the night and destroyed itself, his house, and part of his neighbors house. Around $1.5M in damages and counting.

Yikes! : Check all the places you can get to the wiring where it passes though the frame. If there isn't a grommet make one out of fuel line by slicing it lengthwise.

Install a battery cut off switch.

Install auto reset breakers on the charging circuits from the tow vehicle and the converter.

Hit me with a PM if you want to see pictures.
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Old 07-29-2010, 08:40 AM   #11
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We purchased our 2955 in 2005 used and have enjoyed it immensly. We spent most of 4 months in Arizona last winter and were concerned as to if it would be too crowded but found it to work great. I agree with the others that if might be a little crowded with kids but otherwise think you would like it. I just put new tires on before we went also. The old ones looked good but were getting some years on them and I wanted to be safe. We have done some minor improvements such as added extra shelves and a cover over the shower skylight to make it darker in the bedroom, I always seem to end up under or near a security light. If you decide to get it I think you will enjoy it.

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Old 07-29-2010, 06:01 PM   #12
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Thanks for the replys . We did go a head and get it. Will use it to go back and forth to AZ. We have a 38ft Carraige there.
From looking at it today ,I think we will like it.
What kind of shackle up grade is there?
How often do you grease the axles as this is the first one we had with the zerks?
Again thanks.
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Old 07-29-2010, 07:04 PM   #13
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We have a 2008 2955 and we love it. We have have the Zerks for the bearing but don't use them as you could blow the seals out and the grease could ruin your brakes. I did the wet pin upgrade from with the Dexter Kit.
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Old 07-30-2010, 02:11 AM   #14
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I think what I would do with this unit is to have the wheel bearing packed the old fashion way the first time or do it yourself. The reason is that you do not know what the previous owners maintence schedule was, that is unless you know him or have a copy of how and when maintence was preformed. Squirting grease in the end of an axial does not show you what is going on inside. If you do this type of thing, NAPA or other parts stores sell seals and bearings. On my rig, I carry and extra seal, both bearings, inner and outer, and a 1 lb. can of grease in a 3 lb. coffee can in the basement for an unexpected bearing replacement on the road on long hauls. I guess I have always been a maintence freak.....JB
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Thanks every body.....
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