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What GPS receiver do you use for Geocaching??

I was wondering what GPS receivers are used by MOCers. I have a DeLorme PN-30. Unfortunately, Garmin bought DeLorme and my receiver is no longer available--but it still works well. I may or may not upgrade.
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Delorme Street Atlas 2015 and Delorme Topo 10. I have the Ford GPS and Garmin, don’t like either one as much as the Delorme products. Like you said they are gone.
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This question comes up a lot. We use a Good Sam but I don't recall who it is actually made by or the model number. It has some good RV specific features (like the bridge height routing and next exit services). But we still back it up with goggle maps on our phones and do pre trip planning on our laptops. And I always have a good up to date paper map/atlas handy.
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I read the question as referring to geocaching. Most of the truck or RV units don't do that too well. You need one of the sport models like the Garmin 64 to handle the off road well.
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Sorry folks I missed the "geocaching" in the initial question. I have never tried my hand at that sport but I do have an ancient handheld. As a pilot, I started using GPS long before it caught on for the general public. I was using a handheld to feed GPS signal to a laptop before they invented stand alone car GPS devices. In fact, I was using it to custom map data for oilfield in my work truck/mobile office that the guys working for me dubbed "THE STARSHIP" lol. But then I date back to a day when we used key punch cards to program computers and I worked in industrial electronics before the oilfield.....
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I am now and have been a long time fan of Garmin GPS units. I have 2 Nuvi's that I use in my vehicles and I currently use a GPS 62s handheld, but still have a couple of GPS 60CSx models.
Although it is not the only GPS that offers the ability to download Cache information to the GPS like latest logs, information and hint if provided, the Garmin works very well for that information.
Mapping is also important, I have Topo Canada and Topo USA maps loaded onto my laptop and desktop so I can load maps for any part of those two countries I want to cache in. Maps are not cheap but you can download any of the Topo maps to more than one GPS, so I have shared these maps with several others that have Garmin GPSers.
The GPS 62's are no longer made but have been replaced with the GPS 64 series, they are the same size and shape with some updated features. You can buy these with TOPO US or TOPO Canada already loaded on the micro SD card, I prefer to have the CD's so that they are loaded on my computer and I can look at where I am going before I go and plan a route.
I have been geocaching since 2007 and have met many friends in both Canada and the US in my quest to find Caches.
Have fun and get familiar with the GPS before you go too far afield, if you leave your vehicle to go hiking mark the spot where your vehicle is so you can find your way back should you get lost.
Oh by the way I don't work for Garmin or sell any products, I just like their product and their service.
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We have been using the Garmin 465T (trucker GPS) for years. We keep the maps updated and still check our routes. It has served us well.
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