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Originally Posted by StageCoachDriver View Post
Welcome to our little forum - glad to have you aboard.

Oh, I saw Camping World mentioned in your update. That may be the real problem. A coupld of years ago I ran into a couple pulling an Cougar 28SGS like mine. The owner and I did walk thrus of both units and found the Cougar from Camping World lacked many features ours had.

And, their beadroom slide (wardrobe) was currently not functioning. They were a premier CW customer, the local CW told them they could get to it in 5-6 weeks. We were in South Dakota, a long way from their Florida home.

I think CW orders and buys sub standard units so they can sell known brands at lower prices. I'm sure if you search this forum and other RV forums, you'll find very few positive reviews for CW and their service.
We have been very satisfied with the Camping World here in Tucson. They have provided great service and I have never waited more than a couple of days to get in.
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summer home
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I have a friend who was an independent RV repair facility... dealing with manufacturer warranty claims ultimately put him out of business......
I have had decent results with CW in MB (on 501).. However, I try to make things easy for them.. I'll supply pictures, details, contact Keystone first, etc....
Still, the timeline does get frustrating
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We have had two Montana's a 2006 3400 and now a 2013 3402 big sky. We are high end users. We had 4 previous Rv's all different brands. If we thought there was a better quality brand RV in the price range we would have purchased it.
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Originally Posted by marty173rd@aol.com View Post
Been camping most of my life, from tents to fifthwheels. Owned Jayco lites, Eagles, Coachmans and currently this POS 2018 Keystone Montana High Country. Purchased new for our crosscountry trip of a lifetime. We have had so many problems with this rig that it would take me an hour to list them from bad faucets, defective shower wall, collapsing closet shelving, defective slideout gearbox, defective toilet, defective self leveling system, damaged slideout facia, hole in kitchen flooring, paneling and trim falling off, just to name a few. Seems that Camping World Myrtle Beach canít repair things until KEYSTONE authorizes it. I purchased this unit new and all I hear form Keystone is they approve patchwork. My problem is I spent a substantial amount of $ for a NEW unit, NOT A PATCHWORK REFURBISHED UNIT. On our trip all of the things that went wrong had to be repaired at my expense. When we got home I submitted a claim to KEYSTONE and was only partially reimbursed. Alecia was the contact that I delt with and when I asked to speak to her supervisor she refused. NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS REMOTELY CLOSE TO THIS WITH JAYCO, COACHMAN, OR ANY OTHER COMPANY I HAVE EVER DELT WITH. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss details
If these things (2019 3731) didn't cost so much, it would almost be comical what it takes to get all parts of damned things to work.
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"cost so much"? I'm surprised at how low the price is for getting a 42' long rolling house with full body paint and all of the options offered for 90k. Heck my truck was 75k, and I have cars over 100k, so it amazes me how little they charge for these things. I used to think that if they charged more, maybe they could do full inspections and road worthy checks, but I am finding out that now that we sold our 2017 3820FK, and buying an SOB 5th wheel that costs twice as much, their forums have lots of people complaining about problems too! So it is across the board, unless maybe if you buy those 2 million dollar Prevost mobile homes?
2017 3820FK Legacy Edition full body paint Montana, For Sale this November, 2018. 2016 Ram 3500 long bed Dually Cummins Turbo with air bags
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Just a thought. My experiences with Keystone have been more favorable than my experiences with CW. I prefer privately owned sales places and service centers.

Do you subscribe to Trailer Life Magazine. They have a problem resolution forum and they will go to bat for you if you present a reasonable case.
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I bought a new 2018 in late Sep from CW and likewise CA attest from the start of a very inadequate PDI. My unit literally had missing components, I.e. extra DR chairs, blackout shade, etc. That took 3 plus months to get. Custer service was a joke. I told them in late November they had possession of the unit more than I since I bought it. My first and last RV purchase from CW.
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Bought a 2018 HC305RL and had multiple problems. Leaking gearboxes, repaired roof, trim pieces falling off going down the road, etc. I feel your pain
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Every RV manufacturer today seems to have the same end use problems, from the very expensive high end ones to the lowest priced units... Since losing many of the competitive manufactures during the economic turn down or with Thor swallowing them up into their stronghold it seems most if not all are throwing them together as fast as possible using outsourced parts bought in bulk for their entire fleets of brands from the cheapest suppliers (china). They don't seem to care about quality anymore, they are getting away with it because they are selling more and more every year. People aren't buying expensive cottages they are now buying RV's as they are cheaper. Here in Canada since Glendale went under I haven't seen anything out there get close to their quality... There are still a huge amount of old Glendale's out there, parts are getting to be non existent but for the most part not needed. Really enjoy the 2015 3790RD we have but its a long list of repairs that will continue... I carry enough tools to fix it all as it will break or fall apart...... I'm just glad it wasn't a $140,000 top end unit as that would have really been a bummer. Many who bought those say they have the exact same issues...... So it isn't an exclusive problem with Keystone, it is more an issue with Thor and the RV industry as a whole...!
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We bought our first and last Montana in 2006. Nothing but steady repairs for 6 years of full timing.
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Horror Story

Originally Posted by bshgto View Post
I`ll leave my horror story about Keystone and Camping World off the forum till it has played out. I know it might make sense to some people to drive 2300 or more miles to get minor things repaired at "The Rally" but not to me.
I put in paragraphs in my posts but A LOT of times they disappear when I submit it.......... Yeh I know it doesn`t happen to you.
I'd like to hear about your horror story. Please respond to the private message I've sent you.

DBA Samtana
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Private messaage

Originally Posted by Spinkco View Post
I to have a new Montana HC 305rl, have had nothing but problems. Yesterday went to get the warranty work on the leaking slide motors, two months out for an appointment to take pictures, then submit to Keystone, another 2-4 weeks for confirmation to do the warranty work. Another 2 weeks to do the repair. The warranty will expire, before all the problems get repaired. I have gotten to use the trailer for one week out of the last 5 months.
Similar to other people, Camping World Las Vegas service dept. is horrible! Contractor mechanics, who do terrible work. This new Montana went in for a list of problems for two months, came out with other problems, that the mechanics created doing shoddy work. Debris and garbage left inside, scratched counter, stripped bolts, damage electrical wires, stained floor, propane hot water not working, electric on refrigerator not working, ceiling fan blade bent, battery not connected, all new problems from the first warranty work visit. Need to find another shop.
Not to happy with this Montana, liked my Jayco better!
I hope to help you with your issues. Please respond to my private message.
DBA Samtana
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They are all going to have issues, If you are going to be RVing you might just as well accept they will have problems and break. I'd rather fix everything I can myself than let someone in an RV dealership making a few bucks over minimum wage learn as they go. Most of the small stuff is so easy to repair... I don't understand the whole issue of leaking gear box's, should they leak NO but they do, so take it apart and silicone the joints so they don't leak.... Fixed ! Trim falling off ........of course it will, rattling down the road with a spot of glue here and there and a couple staples to hold it on... Put some silicone on it brad nail it back on and it never moves again... Glue & heat build up don't mix well.... it will fall off. I"ve had good luck with Keystone in comparison to Crossroads, no leaks, frame issues, large appliance or equipment failures other than the slide gear box's. All the issues have been due in part to shoddy workmanship/design/manufacturing process's or cheap parts.... Every RV brand out there is having the same regardless of price point....
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Keystone Concerns

Our 2011 Montana was flawless. Our 2015 had its problems and a noticeable drop in quality. Once we got the bugs out it has been trouble free. Camping World Spartanburg really took care of our concerns. Sometimes the servicing dealer can make the total difference in repairs, Just stick with it and be firm but not disrespectful. remember you don't want to make the people mad at you that you are trying to get to help you.
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