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New to 5th wheels, bought a 2016 3790RD questions

Hi All,

just bought a 2016 3790RD about 2 months ago...new 2 5th wheels but not RV....had a Class A for about 10 years before we upgraded.
we are out on our first trip and have a few questions.

1. propane tanks...have 2 tanks.... on the drivers side there is a 3 position switch i assume that if i put the switch in the middle (not pointing to either tank) then both tanks would run until they are both empty.

2. we have 2 furnace switches one in the bedroom other in the kitchen. when we turn the furnace on using the bedroom switch nothing happens when we put it in the AC or fan mode it works fine.
switch in the kitchen works great no issues.

other then those 2 items (so far) seems to be working great the quality is excellent, very happy. owners manual are not much help.

it has been a challenge driving a 5th wheel...backing up is different.
already have 1 small battle wound (scratch) on my truck .

appreciate any help and or advice.

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A better method to manage the propane tanks is to have the switch pointed at one tank or the other. You will notice the indicator will be green. When the one tank is empty, the indicator switches to red but the system has an auto-crossover feature which allows propane to be drawn from the other tank. This enables you to remove the empty tank and have it refilled while still using the other tank. Can't offer any advise on the dual furnace switch.
And, welcome to the forum!!

Bingo and Cathy - Our adventures begin in the hills of WV. We are blessed by our 2014 3850FL Big Sky (previous 2011 3750FL and 2007 3400RL) that we pull with a 2007 Chevy Silverado Classic DRW CC dually.
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Just guessing here. Perhaps the one in the bedroom might control a heat strip that is in the bedroom air conditioner unit. Probably need the fan on low to circulate the heat off the heat strip. We know some people who have this arrangement but not sure about all the controls.
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Bingo is exactly right. You should point the propane valve toward ONE tank. You should start with both tanks full. When the tank selected is empty the indicator will turn RED, but the propane will continue to be used from the other tank. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, you should turn the selector to the full tank and immediately remove and fill the empty tank. If you keep up with this routine you will never run out of propane. This all depends on you, the operator, to work as intended.
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Welcome to the club! The heat switch in your bedroom could also be for a floor heater that is supposed to electrically heat much of the bathroom floor and some of the bedroom floor. If that's what it is, it will take some time after you turn it on to notice a difference. This a new option that has been coming on some of the new models.
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My main thermostat controls the Main AC and the Furnace, the bedroom thermostat only controls the 2nd AC. Since there is only one furnace, I believe there is only one thermostat that controls it.
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Welcome. Take your rig to an empty parking lot early one morning and practice backing. It will get easier.
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Welcome to the MOC family. As you can already see you will glean a wealth of information and friendship during your time here.
Darwin & Maureen DeBackere
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I concur on the empty parking lot. We used a school lot near our house as it is usually pretty empty on weekends. Grab some cones or something to mark simulated camping pad areas to back in and out of. Also mark the width of a road so you don't cheat and use the extra space. Campground roads always seem narrower than expected, especially on a busy weekend so getting used to it in some wide open spaces helps.
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On our 2015 3790RD, the dual zone thermostat in the kitchen controls both air conditioners and the furnace. We have a thermostat in the bathroom which controls the heated floor in the bathroom and part of the bedroom. This thermostat is just a simple dial type that you turn to the temperature setting that you want.
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Great advice.....thank you....really love our Montana

really appreciate the information....and yes i need to practice more
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Same with me. The second thermostats in the bedroom is just for my second ac. The main one in the living room controls the main ac and the furnace. Others already answered your propane question. Good luck with the new unit.
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Yeah...the second state is in bathroom for the floor but it's clearly labeled. The kitchen state controls heat and accessories for the whole rig.

I know requested but here some of our lessons learned with our 3791RD...

Posted - Jul 08 2015 : 10:46:31 AM Show Profile Email Poster Edit Reply Send chris199 a Private Message Reply with Quote Delete Reply
May be more than you wanted to hear....but here goes:

We picked ours up in April and love it. I'd estimate we've camped 30-35 nights in it so far with more planned! We've taken it from PA to the Nashville area and to

3.) What to watch for
As with any RV you need to watch the cabinet doors when opening the slides. That's especially true in this unit. There are 6 doors to check before opening slides.
a.) Open dinette first. Let table extend and the fridge side will slide slightly. Check on both sides of the fridge slide before opening fully. One our first night on the way back from the dealer in Vermont, we crushed the door and bent the hinges of the door immediately next to the fridge/under the theater seats. The one next to the oven will open too. In approx August the DW went to JoAnn's and bought some strap, buckles, and fabric to make 2 straps....one to hold the cabinets under the theater seating closed during travel and another for the hutch doors. Now we open the kitchen slides w/out concern. I still chk the rear den cabinet doors before opening RD slides.

b.) BTW.....we put a pillow between the oven, the door under the oven and the doors on the island when towing. Those can open and bang against one another. Silly I know....but it's routine for us now.

c.) Once the kitchen slides are out....slide each sofa out slightly. That will give you enough room to go up there and confirm the cabinet doors on each side are still closed. Never had one open but the time I dont check will be the time I'll crush some. Had to purchase a new cabinet door and hinges but the cost was about $100 and I had the replacements within 10 days from the dealer/Keystone. They just drop shipped them to me. Easy install.

BE CAREFUL: I can't tell you how many times the DW or me (more often me) leave the cabinet door open to the control center (lights, etc.) inside. I've banged my head pretty seriously several times. I've got to figure something out there. That's dangerous. Just be careful..... it's easy to turn around and head up the stairs when that door's open, not notice it, and wham!!
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I have to agree on the cabinet doors . Even after I did my routine checks, my son got back in the bunk house of my old one, and opened a door, when IO started to close the slides, crunch. Luckily some wood glue and clamps was an easy fix.
Also, something I did in the past, awing straps, for the old style, non automatic ones...they make good straps to hold cabinet doors closed..
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Chris is was feeling your pain reading your post. I do almost exactley the same routines with cabinet doors open the slides a wee bit then squeeze through the openings to get a look at the cabinet doors. We put child proof latches on the doors that seem to open during travels and that works well except my wifes arthritic hands cant open them so its a blue job once we are set up to get all the child proofing removed. That dang door that hides your switches and controls is going to get helicoptered into the campground one of these days. I have hit that thing so hard I actually was down on all fours holding my head and waiting for it to hit me in the back in pieces. I have tried self closing hinges....nope waste of money and effort. I am actually considering hinging it from the top so that it opens to the ceiling that way if I leave it open I will just go under it instead of inadvertent cranial damage.
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I have not had any problems with the doors under the den (knock on wood). I have banged my head on the door covering the convenience controls. What I did not like was the fact that the bathroom door would swing 180 degrees and bang against the wall, the pantry door opens wide into the fridge and the medicine cabinet doors opens and hits the towel hanger next to the door. I was able to find some door stops exactly like the one in the bedroom and installed on the wall where the bathroom door hits, one on the back of the pantry door and one above the bathroom door. Now know scratches or dents to worry about.
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DO NOT keep the switch for the propane in the center position. My auto switchover failed over time and I think this may have been the reason. I have replaced the switchover and use the procedure described by others and have had no problems. I believe pointing the switch to the active tank shuts off any possible flow to the empty tank so it can be removed without causing leakages. Then take the tank for refilling and reconnect and switch it back over when the other tank goes empty. Check often so that you always have one propane tank in use.

I don't understand your second problem so I can't help you there.

Using your fiver often will gain you the experience you need for backing. In fact, what worked for me is that I avoid pull thrus whenever I can unless I am staying only the one night and want an easy in/out for quicker means to get back on the road.

Now I am so very comfortable with backing and am humored by the ones who have still not gotten the knack of it but I can relate to their difficulties from my past experience. I have been known to offer my help ONLY if it looks like they need it and won't mind and to get them out of the trouble they are having. They are always grateful, but a lot of patience and understanding goes a LONG way. We always seem to cover some helpful hints on how to do it and fortunately the advice is appreciated.
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Hey Guys: Just some thoughts on topic.
We have been FT coming 11 years so have seen some excitement.
First, in MHO, put propane switch on one side until you see red in the indicator. Then replace the MT tank.
As to the switches, I do not know. This is a new feature.

It is not IF you bump your head or run into something or put out your rear window of your truck. It is WHEN. We have ALL done it. We are all human and learn from experience.

Our best experience, so far, is attending a Montana Rally in Sacramento, CA. Wonderful people with LOADS of experience and advice.

Happy trails.

David and Deb Swanson

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Practice sure does help!
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Howdy Folks.......
Took delivery of a 2016 Montana 3790RD from Camping World in Meridian ID. ..... Home is Great Falls MT. Upgraded Tires, Legacy pkg, Generator, Queen bed.......We tow with a 2015 F-350 DRW LB CC 6.7 PSD. This is not our first RV. We are very happy with it. We still have our 2010 Raptor to sell !!......Camped in her 2 nights so far. 25 - 38 weather. 1st night at Camping World with shore power. 2nd night no hookups.
Roy F Dittler Sr.....US Navy, Retired
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