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Any Problems

Been reading most of the posts for the past month and appreciate all the info we have gleaned form here. We are still working on which model to go with. It is between the 3295RK or the 3400RL, I think. We do know that it will be a Montana. Fortunately our dealer here has both models (both 2004 and 2005) available to walk through. I have collected most of the comments about what people like about there specific type of rig but I would like to ask all what major thing concering layout, options, features, functionality don't they like about there rigs. I understand that each one has their likes and dislikes but are there some drawbacks they would share. I have finally decided on the tow vehicle, 1 ton dully Dodge 3500. Just because. I don't have anything against any of the other truck and if the right deal comes along they I still would consider something else. Each has their good and bad points. Thanks for all the great information and happy traveling.
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As my profile shows, I have the 3295. Whatever one chooses, there always are tradeoffs. There are times when we would really like the rear living room and two recliners, but then we would miss the kitchen area with the larger workspace. We like the 3295 especially for that reason. BUT (always a but) when we overnight in Walmart, etc. we really do need to put out the slides to get at the kitchen area. One addition feature of the 3295 is the desk area. I use that fairly often. We are not fulltimers, but we do spend about 3 months in Arizona (Winter of course) and use the 5th wheel fairly often during the time of year we are in Wisconsin. There will likely be another 5th wheel sometime in our future, so we may make a choice at that time for a different plan. (This is our 1st 5th wheel, after having started tenting in the 70's, then a pop-up mid 70's and 6 travel trailers in the years from 77 to 2003.
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We've only made one trip out in the 3400RL but so far we are pretty impressed. Some smaller issues that will cost me some money in upgrading (probably going to replace the DVD/speaker combo with a Bose system). But generally, really nice unit. The living space in the rear is great. The kitchen is pretty good. Not huge, but a lot more than what we had in our travel trailer previously. I wish the fridge was a little larger on the inside. The stove top burners cook beautifully but so far the oven has refused to light (working on that through info from this site). The only big adjustment has been getting used to the size of a fiver like this one, but we're getting adjusted slowly and surely.

Wayne and Cathy Morrison


I would like to ask all what major thing concering layout, options, features, functionality don't they like about there rigs. I understand that each one has their likes and dislikes but are there some drawbacks they would share.
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We also have the 3295RK. You asked what we don't like so here goes:

1. Don't have the mountain view windows in back. Not a big deal but you asked.

2. Not a big open space for entertaining. We live in ours so this is only a big deal when we entertain inside, rather than outside. Not a big deal for us either but we do at times feel that pinch.

3. Karl mentioned not getting to the kitchen when the slide is in. I agree with that but would like to point out the fridge is accessible with slide in, which works for us for lunch stops although we put silverware and dishes out in advance so we don't have to put the slides out. Also can get to the bathroom with slides in, a very important point when traveling. Also, we got the slide lockout option so we can choose to open just one slide, or two, if we want. Also can just open them partway.

There are far more things we like about this model than dislike. If we were buying another Montana today it would probably be the 3295RK although the new 3650RK and 3400RL would be close seconds for us. Remember, this is just our opinion of what works for us.
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We too love our 3295RK and knew it was the one for us when we saw it. I love the floor plan. Everyone that is watching TV can see the TV just fine and you don't have to crank your neck to see like with some of the rear living rooms. If they came out with an RL that had better positioning of the entertainment center it would be a done deal. We also like all the storage and cabinet space in the kitchen. Yes, like Steve said it would be really great to have another recliner in there but I like the kitchen space better. Love it, love it, love it. And we really like the closet when you walk in the door, nice to have for stuff you use a lot so you don't have to go all the way into the 5er to get bug spray or whatever, just open the door and reach in.
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Old 07-14-2004, 09:23 AM   #6
faeb and genb
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We have the 3575 R L because of the openiness with the slides out. If you wanted to you could lay a queen size mattress down in the floor. Also Faye does computer work when we are gone for the winter & the large desk works great for that.
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The 3295 is our first 5er. My wife feel in love at first site and there are few things we would change. Standard frig is a little small for full timing but we will manage. Would like an ice maker. Ours has the pedestal dining table which is a little awkward to get your feet under. Sound system is unimpressive...probably operator error. Would like a splash guard on kitchen sink. Otherwise it is great. Will be home sweet home in January.
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We have the 3295rk also.....and agree with the other comments, but one thing sold us on it, we have kids, and did not want a bunkhouse rv, because this would be a long term investment after having two other RV.
What we looked for...and we looked at many floorplans, was that the kids can bunk down on the sofa sleeper and dinette (we ordered with the booth) and with all of them still sleeping, we can get to the kitchen for our Coffee..and out the door without stepping over a bed, squeezing by a sleeper sofa folded out. The kids are kind of positioned in the left rear of the RV leaving us ample floor space to get to the important things Coffee in the morning *L* and in and out the door. Other models had the sleeper sofa folded out against counters, doorways etc. That was one of the cramping issues with the previous cougar 5vr we had.
But if asked, thats the reason. Good ample floor space while guests and or kids sleep.
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We don't own a 3295RK but have friends who do. A beautiful unit! And as a point of interest, we will tell you that the refrigerator IS small by US standards--but bigger than what you will find in most stick built kitchens in England. There, the standard frig will fit under the kitchen counter, looks amazingly like what we know as a dorm frig. This necessitates a trip to the shops about every other day if there are more than two in the family. Love our Montana!!
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Old 07-14-2004, 11:02 AM   #10
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I have the 3400RL and could only come up with just a few small things I dont like about it.
1). You have to hold the driver side basement door open or have someone hold it open for you if the bedroom slide is open. There needs to be a latch there so it can stay open on its own.

2). I wish the factory would have cut the fender flair over the wheels flush to the trailer so when you walk out the door and down the stairs you would not have that 4 to 6 inches of flair hanging there. (going to have dealership look into cutting it and mounting that piece onto side of rv so it does not come out with the living slide).

3). The sewer hose compartment needs to be larger. (I think this is a problem for all models). I had dealership install hose carrier behind landing gear that is hard pvc plastic. This works better and holds 30 feet of flexible sewer hose. Now I just put the lawn sprinklers and garden hose in the sewer hose compartment.

I have been very happy with this floorplan as I use my coach mainly during the summer as a lake cabin and have family and friends who stop by for the weekend. Even with the hide a bed out, there is still room to walk or sleep between that and the computer desk, fireplace area and another person could sleep between the island and kitchen table. The flow seems to work very well for having 5 or 6 people down for the weekend. I also have noticed that the bedroom area on the 3400RL has the larger armoire next to the bed and shower. Works well for extra sheets and towels for shower. For my personal reasons the extra 2 feet in length really worked better for my needs. You can also get to the frigerator with the kitchen slide closed while on the road as Steve had mentioned on his 3295RK. Both models have the great points and not so great points. Just spend some time in both at your dealership and see what feels best to you. Keep us posted as to which you choose.
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Great information. I appreciate all of your input. Don't stop with your comments either. We will monitor this site until we make a decision. I hesitate to ask what are the plusses of a Montana because the list would be extensive. I will note all of these comments for the big decision coming up soon. I just ordered the rating book for RV's and a whole chapter on working on a decent price. We will do some more research before we try to work a deal. Thanks again. Doug & Becky in Utah
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The fridge is definitely something we'd like to have larger but we've learned to adapt. We just go to the store more often, usually just making a stop while on the way home from somewhere else. Vicki came up with those one-quart rubbermaid jugs and when we get home with another gallon of milk, what's left of the previous gallon goes into those jugs which then go on the fridge door.

Ours is an 8 cubic foot fridge, the standard for this model. An option is the 10 cubic foot model. While it's 25% larger, it also was an extra $1510, so we said 'no' to that.
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I like the rear large mountain view size windows. Oh but what fun decisions, decisions, decisions....happy rving..
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