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Dano got his own truck on Tuesday. They tried to give him a really old one & he refused it!
He ended getting a 2007 Volvo, in really good condition and only 220,000 miles on it!
That's about as new as you can get for a rookie! So far, he has had a great experience.
Naturally, I want to be with him, but we can't have everything we want.

He stayed his first night at the terminal in Atlanta. His first run was up to Greenville, TN.
He is now on his way to Phoenix, AZ. They might keep out in the southwest for a couple of weeks or so.
I told him he might as well, because the rest of the country is either in rain or snow!

Hugh, I know he would love to see you as well. And any other MOCers out there!
Right now, there is nothing regular-just going where he's needed.
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