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It works well

I bought a 2019 High Contry a couple of months ago and a 2019 FOrd F250 to pull it. I ordered the Ford TPMS from the dealer Accessories guy, seems like it was about $500-600. I installed it myself, it all fits up front on the Fifth Wheel Pin Box. No worries--easy. The much-feared cable is about 25 feet long, and includes a branch for the wired camera (I preferred the wireless Furrion, and 25' was too short for my 37-footer). It comes with an alternate plug-in connector that is easy to swap out at the lower back bumper. I used Gorilla tape to wrap the camera cable into the TPMS cable for neatness. My Ford dealer and RV dealer refused to install the TPMS sensors inside the tires because it included "breaking the bead", which apparently freaked them out, and they also said they did not have a lift big enough to lift the trailer to pull the tires (ever heard of this new-fangled thing called a "jack"?). Anyway, I took the whole thing to Discount Tires and parked it there, and in an hour or so it was all installed. Once I hit about 20 mph puling away, all of them popped up on the Ford display. I bought a highly accurate digital high-pressure tire gauge, and the TPMS measured either exactly what the gauge did or within one pound of the gauge measurement. It has worked perfectly since then. After my second foray with the trailer, as I was leaving the RV park I got a warning on the truck display that the front left tire was low--sound and light. The amber pressure was "42" instead of 95. I took it back and aired it up and got it home. Turns out the valve stem had a crack in it perhaps from the factory, and the Ford dealer is replacing it under warranty. Sweet!

Ford TPMS: Works good, easy to install, good Ford warranty. Pricier than some alternatives, but I wanted it integrated into the dash display. The camera cable is too short for a big fifth wheel, so go wireless (Furrion is the simplest, but more expensive, for a new Keystone product as it is prewired and literally four screws and plug-and-play.)
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