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We are not full timers but long timers as I spend about 7 months a year in our rig. We have the stick house in AZ. But our business is in CA. So long story short. We built a home in Lake Havasu City AZ as a weekend place. We were lucky we were able to build and pay for it so we don't have a mortgage. As for the CA home we had some time to decide what to do with it. But we ending up selling It after using it as a rental for 3 years. Keeping in mind the 2 out of 5 year tax rule. By the way part of the purposes new tax laws are 5 out of 8 years. Not good.

We now live in AZ a MUCH Lower tax state and do want to have a home base. That said we both say we could full time as we love the life style.
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