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Lend a Hand door hand rail repair fix

Don't know if anyone else has posted a fix for this when your Lend a Hand breaks. I have had a problem with water getting in and rusting the pin and clip that holds the spring on. This last time the clip rusted away and the pin is shot. This is the pin that goes into the black holders screwed to the wall and holds the handle on. Went to Lowe's and get 2 bolts that are 1/4 inch and are 2 1/2 inches long. They have them with about 1/2 inch of threads on the end and the rest is smooth like a pin. Get 2 lock nuts, they are the ones with nylon in them that when you put them on they do not come off very easy. Take the black holders off the wall and you will see the nasty rust inside and hopefully your springs are fine. You will need a pair of needle nose pliers to start the nut on to the bolt. Tighten it up till the bolt threads thru nylon and locks on. Then I drilled a weep hole in the bottom of the 2 brackets so the water has a place to drain. Don't know why this was not done at the factory since there is no way to keep water out. I think is is bad since the 2 screws go thur the outside wall and gives the water a place to get in. I still put some silicone in the holes and around them too. So far the handle seems to work pretty nice now.
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