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Check for possible frame flex. You'll have to have them hook up the unit in front of you to see this. Also I think there is still a posting of the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) here on the Forum and that would be a good thing to have along with a flashlight to check out the dark areas of the unit also. Also, have the owner show you how to run the level-up system and make sure you get all the papers and manuals that came with the new unit when the owner got it. The tires are a really good idea to change especially if they are not Goodyear 614's or the Sailuns on the unit. The OEM tires are nothing but trouble whether you pull at 50 or 65 MPH. They will cause nothing but problems and could cause body damage if they blow. As you've kind of said "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody going to be happy!" and if she likes the 2015 model, that is the one to go with. You will really like the level-up system. I won't have anything without it anymore!
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