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When I first joined the MOC there were threads about grey and black tank failures. Based on the fact there are probably thousands of Montana fivers out there in use it didn't seem like they were probably any worse at this sort of failure than some other brands. However, I paid attention to all the postings about the failures in an attempt to try to avoid them.

I know it is popular to hold water in gray tanks in preparation of dumping your black tank, and we should all be able to control our systems that way. But early on I decided to leave both grays open and never put any undue pressure on them. I installed a Flush King and use it to back flush both grays. The Flush King is also used to back flush the black tank every week. I never travel with anything in the black or grays. I just decided early on that I would not put any pressure on these thin walled tanks, especially after I saw photos of how they are mounted and secured.

Should we be able to bounce down the highway at 65mph with full gray and black tanks? Certainly we should be able to do that and not expect any failures. Should we be able to camp in one spot for 4 months and not expect a holding tank to split no matter how full it is? Of course we should. The fact is there is a small number of these tanks failing. The number of failures is probably too small for Keystone even to take notice or consider changing their quality or mounting methods.

If I was in Richfaa's shoes I probably would never consider another Keystone product. But in reality are their tanks any worse than others?
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