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Congrats on your countdown and your new unit. We have the same Montana and had to have the center Island moved about three inches towards the table. I checked out a 2005 model and it has the same problem. When the slides are in the door handles on the doors beside the refer and stove hit the doors on the island. It bent the door handles and dented the cabinet doors on the island. also the raised carpeted section of the slide comes in under the overhang for the island, and when the slide comes in all the way it lifts the island up and tends to break off the screwws that hold it down. Hopefully all islands are not placed to close but ibears checking. the tell tale sign if the slide is open is the dent from the door handle in the cabinet doors in the island. another test is to shake the island to see if there is any movement. It wasn't a big deal to fix it other than the new cabinet parts to replace the damaged ones but needs to be checked to make sure it doesn't put undo strain on the flooring where the island is attached. Good luck with it and happy trails.
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