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We faced the same dilema this year. Remember, RV's aren't like cars. Non selling dealers don't like to service. With that in mind, we got quotes from our local dealer in Colorado and a dealer in Iowa. The difference was more than a few thousand - my price differential to buy locally. So, we purchased from 500 miles away based on recommendations from MOC friends. We have had a few issues - some self inflicted. They have been super on service s well as a better price. Good luck.
The Ringold RV Outlet and Walnut Ridge RV in New Castle Indiana were the 2 cheapest dealers on pricing, we went with Walnut Ridge as it was a lot closer to our home. They were pretty good to work with and so far we have not needed any warranty work done so I cannot speak for their service department.

I'm sure things have changed in the 7 years that I bought our 2008 3400RL. I called ,and got online with several, several Montana dealers around the country back in late 2007, and Walnut Ridge actually quoted me the best price. They were great to deal with considering we were 1600 miles from them. It turned out to be a great buying experience. We actually went back to Indiana to get it.
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