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Originally posted by Phil P

#1 there isn’t a scab patch on the inside of the “I” beam. The black one you see was put there by one of the manufacturers.

It was the black one I was referring to not the newly added piece.

#2 that type of gusset doesn’t improve the strength of an “I” beam. It takes what the engineers call a “Fish Plate” on both sides of the “I” beam. The strap was extended all the way up to the top flange of the “I” beam to reinforce the area that was heated to give the “I” beam straight.

You are right it does not "improve" the strength of the "I" beam. That was my suggestion when I refereed to the Lippert engineers who design these frames and in who's factory they are built.

#2 I consider the unpainted repair to be excellent. The frame was badly damaged, had to be heat straightened and the entire job was performed in a cow pasture by a certified welder from one of the pipe line companies. If you have any complaints about the looks of the job then you come out and lie on the ground under that trailer in a cow pasture and do a better job.

You made reference to the scab patch being done at the factory, I wrongly assumed it was the unpainted part. As a field repair it may have been the best job possible. I am not a professional welder, I do know how to weld and have a wire feed welder, but I made no suggestion I could do a better job, the important thing is you are satisfied with the outcome.

#3 I don’t intend to paint it.

To paint it or not is your choice, I just would never leave a weld and additional material unpainted, especially on a expensive RV.

In their effort to make these RV's larger and lighter they have compromised on materials and strength, the original damage is a result of that compromise since the hanger or frame failed and should be engineered not to fail under normal circumstances. Sad but true.
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