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The saga of a faulty faucet

So, we were heading to Florida for a couple of months and stopped for breakfast. I found the spray pull-out faucet laying in the sink. The part that screws onto the pull out tube had broken inside the spray head. Simple fix right? There is a Camping World right down the road and we have plenty of time to stop by and pick up a new spray handle. Took the spray handle with me and asked them if they had a new one. Nope, they had to order it and it would take two weeks and cost about $80.00. Well, we didn't have two weeks (two hours maybe but not two weeks) so we said no thanks, we will pick up the part when we get settled in Florida. Since it was under warranty, we decided to call Keystone and see if they could send us the part. I know, but we are new Montana owners and our last SOB would have sent us the part with no problem. Montana said we had to take the rig into a certified repair place and have the damage evaluated and have the repair place order the part. What the heck, I needed a new spray handle for the kitchen faucet so I could do dishes. Anyhoo, they did give us the names of 3 repair places near Titusville (where we were headed) so we began calling them. Had to leave messages at all three and two did actually call back. The quote we received from the first guy was $172.00 for replacement. Sticker shock. The other guy called back and said it would be a month before he had an opening to repair the faucet. We told him it didn't have to be repaired, we could screw the new faucet handle on ourselves. He just needed to order the part. Well he didn't get it. OK, why not just go to Home Depot or Lowes and replace the whole darn thing. Found a plumbing supply place and he advised against it as the parts may or may not fit depending on how the faucet was made. Well, we aren't too handy so we figured we would call Montana again and they told us we could contact Tiara for the part but would have to pay for it ourselves. We called them; they were very nice and would be happy to send us the part for $217.00. They could no longer look up the part via VIN number so we gave them the part number and, of course, what they wanted to send us was not the same part. Remember the plumbing supply guy? He gave us the name of a dealer who might be able to help. He sold Airstreams. Well, this guy was an angel. Late Thursday afternoon we walked in with our poor broken faucet handle, he spent quite a bit of time looking up the part number, said he would order it for us and if it didn't come in before we left the area he would just send it back. He didn't ask for money up front either. The next morning, yes the NEXT morning, he called and said the part was in. He had it added to his other order. We picked it up, paid $27.00 for it, went home and screwed it in place. Viola!!!!!!!!! I find it funny that Keystone would have paid an exorbitant fee to replace that part under warranty.
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