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Hey ya, new here and have a 2019 3121RL purchased in May and have only had it home from storage to fix MFG issues (seal, tighten, exercise systems, perform preventative CC). We notice that the toilet (not yet used) will not hold water in the bowl. Done my research, and it really sounds like replacing the toilet is the fix. Should not be on a brand new unit. Being an Aerospace industry (engineer) my mind races with possible fixes. I will say this (working CE/ATEX, Haz Chem), veg oil, vasiline, or other similar lube may cause damage to the chemical structure of the seal. Veg oil, not so sure, but definitely the patrolium based lubes... The Veg oil may promote the growth of mildew and thus further causing the seal to leak. Only fix I have found is to continually wipe the seal dry after each flush. Note - toilet has not yet been used for its intended purpose - Filled it up last weekend and will be going back to check. 100% positive there will be no water in the bowl. DW thinks I’m crazy for wanting to replace it with a Dometic 320. Anyone wanna buy my never used toilet? Thanks for reading

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