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Originally Posted by rohrmann View Post
I think the check valve on the back of the water heater that is there for winterizing is the cause of the cold burst when you turn the water back on in the shower.
Plausible, but I cannot agree. Only 2 of the 5 rigs I have owned in the last 20 years had the check valve. 1 of them had no water heater bypass. 2 of them had a 3 valve system you had to use to bypass the water heater.

All of them had this phenomena.

It doesn't matter if I am hooked up to city water, or using the onboard pump. Same thing happens! I don't understand the physics. If anything one would think the heating water in the heater (expanding) would win out in the pressure war, but it never does. Good thing too I guess... would hate to get scalded!

Originally Posted by beeje
There is a cure for the burst of cold water. I have done this on all my campers. Simply install a one way check valve in the cold water line to the shower
Good idea, but like MARK A said... you would have to be careful winterizing.

My answer is going to be installing a residential type valve and related plumbing in my shower later this summer as part of a cabinet remodel. I'll take pictures and share here when I get to it.
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