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Welcome. We have a 2005 327RKS TT and ever since we first used it our black tank sensor has read 2/3 to full. Well, this past weekend I think I fixed it. On the suggestion of a past post (not sure by who or where) that stated to empty the tank then fill the tank with water after you dump and then dump it again. With the tank showing 2/3 full, I dumped the tank at which time it showed 1/3 full. I filled the tank with water until I knew by looking down the commode that the tank was full. I then dumped it again. After this dump, the tank sensor on the wall showed empty which is the first time since we bought it. Up to this point we had tried a lot of different things and products none of which worked. So maybe this might be something that will work for you. You never know until you try.

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