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Originally Posted by rohrmann View Post
If you do decide to do this yourself, You will need to drop the gear pack down to clear the rack teeth, adjust the slide position and then move the gear pack back into position. The reason for this is there is only one hole in the round shaft and it must stay lined up with the bolt hole that goes through the square tube. If the dealer or repair shop did not adjust the slide properly, they really should be the ones to fix this, although they did mess this up so I can see maybe why there is some reluctance to take it back to them.
According to the LCI manual, I have to support the weight of the slide on blocks if I drop the gear pack. I'm not sure how I will be able to push the slide in with the weight on the blocks. I realize that there is only one hole that through the gear pack shaft and the square connecting tube. I was hoping that the teeth would line up correctly with either a 1/2 revolution of the gear or a complete revolution. But I guess the odds of that happening are probably slim. We are heading to Florida in a couple of weeks for a two week stay, so I may just leave it alone until I get back and take it to dealer. Thanks.
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