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Rear of slide not retracting completely

I recently had the rear gear pack on the dinette/recliner slide replaced. The last time I retracted the slide I noticed that the bottom of the rear of the slide (about 18" up the side of the slide out) is not retracting all of the way. I crawled underneath and compared the front gear track to the rear. I discovered that the gear track on the bottom of the slide out square tube on the rear tube is showing about 3 additional teeth compared to the front tube. This would explain why the rear of the slide is not retracting completely. After looking at the factory manual and watching a couple of lci videos, I think that I can pull the pin that connects the rear gear pack shaft to the square tube that connects the rear gear pack to the front gear pack. And then push the rear of the slide in until the same number of teeth are showing on both the front and rear gear track. Since the gear pack shaft is round and it inserts into a square tube, it should be able to rotate without removing it. Has anyone out there ever done this? Am I completely off-base? I don't want to pull the gear pack pin and then the slide falls out of the camper. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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