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Save your money!

Seriously. Save the money. There's no reason to cover your RV for the winter. If you actually want to protect your RV during outside storage, you should be covering it during the SUMMER. That's when all the damage occurs. UV rays are what destroys nearly ALL RV MATERIALS. Not cold and rain or snow. These are harmless (assuming you don't have leaks). I've had maybe 7 or 8 RVs now in my 40 plus years of RVing. I live in northern Utah where real winters happen. I've never, ever covered a RV and there's not one thing about any RV I've owned that would be attributed to uncovered winter storage. It's marketing and people buy into it thinking they should put a warm blanky over their beloved RV. But, they take it off when the actual damage from the summer sun's starts. Inspect your roof and let it sit. Really. Just let it be. You just saved several hundred dollars and it'll be fine. I promise.
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