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quote:Originally posted by Wayne and Carolyn Mathews

et2: Please go to the Announcements from our Members thread and read my new post under my original topic "Our Monty is Home, Finally." It might have info that saves you time and aggravation!
Thanks for all the responses. Carolyn you are correct. Actually after 5 days I did call the service dept to check on the "ordered parts". I was told that they had not received them from Montana yet. My next question was... couldn't somebody make a phone call and find out where they are. The service guy said he would and will call me back in 15 minutes. 45 minutes went by without a response from him. So I called Montana's customer service and informed them I had my rig in for warranty work at this dealer. Was there a way to see if parts were ordered for my rig. He asked for the last 6 digits of the vin. He checked ... no parts were ever ordered.He said he would call the dealer to see if he could help and would call me back.

Montana called back in 20 minutes. He said the dealer service guy seemed overworked and that the service guy informed me he said he would call me back. I told the Montana service rep that they won't give me any straight answers ... obviously since they have not ordered them. Montana's customer service was very helpfull.Zero complaints about Montana, they were great.

Well the service guy from the dealer calls me 4 hours later to inform me that one part was obsolete and a new kit needed to be ordered, it would be 2-3 days for them to get the parts in. NEVER ORDERED THEM!! They held our rig up for another week because they are understaffed.That is not my problem. I bought the unit from them with the assumption I would get good service. We have not even used our new trailer since we bought it.

I was repeatedly told by the service guy how backed up they are,because of layoff's. Well IMHO that is not my problem. You should have told me that when I purchased from you. Being lied to and jerked around is not building any credability or respect with anyone. They will have our rig for 3 weeks before we get it back. I even had a appointment. It took them 5 days to even look at it. The ironic thing is, not all the parts will be in, some will take 30 days to get. I'm set to move my trailer up north for the whole summer. 6 hours from them. Do they really believe I'm going to waste 12 hours round trip worth of gas to bring it back for them to fix it?

I know we will be looking for another dealer to service it next time. This is unacceptable.

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