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Originally Posted by mlh View Post
It has no pollution controls on it and has 600 HP. Nice!
You have done some serious mods to it. The latest version (6.7) only puts out about 400hp.

I have had all of them except the 6.4. As stated the 7.3 was the most reliable.
I chipped mine and had John Wood build up the transmission. It was a great truck with good power; but not as much as my 6.7. Of course, after chipping, you have to be real careful with temps. I almost wish I still had it, but it is hard to keep them forever. The 6.7 has not given me a minutes trouble.

The 6.0 was a different story. Had two of them; none chipped. Blew up at least three turbo chargers and on the last one thru the rods out of the block. Couldn't wait to get rid of them.

Not withstanding the title of the thread, this has kind of turned into Ford bashing. Not really necessary. All of the big three diesels are great trucks and I would not have a problem owning any of them. My decision usually comes down to having a great Ford dealer in the area.
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