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Originally Posted by Mel B. View Post
WOW, So the tank water is safe for showers and dishes but nothing else? I need to start saving my one gallon jugs. Why would you not use it for what it's meant for? I'm sorry I no it's your choice and I guess it works for you. I just can't understand this. If I felt that the water was unsafe for pets or cooking, I wouldn't even shower with it.
I'm not saying that water from the fresh tank is not safe to ingest, I just prefer not having to taste it in my glass of water. Anyway, the tank water is pretty much always from my well, and if it isn't, it is from a city/municipal chlorinated source, so, of course it is safe. But, I can't abide drinking chlorinated water either.

Just my personal preference, I think that I'll stick with it.
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