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Originally Posted by Overlord View Post
We don't use fresh tank water for drinking, cooking, or pets. We don't even use RV park water for those things either.

We fill up a bunch of 1 gallon and 1/2 gallon fruit juice jugs at home (awesome well water) for short trips, and for long trips we use several of the big blue plastic 6 gallon jerry cans that are designated for water only.

When boondocking, our tank water only gets used for dish washing, showers, toilet, etc., etc..
WOW, So the tank water is safe for showers and dishes but nothing else? I need to start saving my one gallon jugs. Why would you not use it for what it's meant for? I'm sorry I no it's your choice and I guess it works for you. I just can't understand this. If I felt that the water was unsafe for pets or cooking, I wouldn't even shower with it.
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