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We just sold our 8 year old 40 ft diesel pusher and bought a 3440RL Montana. That was a tough decision because we liked our motorhome. What helped make up our minds was sitting along the I-5 for 6 hours waiting for a tow rig big enough to move us. Then we paid over $3000.00 to replace the fan clutch. Then 13 days later the new fan clutch failed and another 7 hour wait to get towed. This was after we had to replace the leveling jacks, $4000.00. Replace leaky roof $4200.00. New tires $2500.00. New Shocks $1,000.00. This was all within about 1.5 years. The unit was In really good condition, but watching the thing get towed twice and realizing how helpless it feels when dealing with a monster that I couldn't possibly work on myself was unsettling.just an oil change is around $250.00. I think my wife has PTSD from hearing the overheating warnings going off in the MH. And then sitting with our big dogs for 6+ hours did her in.
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