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A few reasons for us UMMMMMMMMM need more CASH for a Diesel pusher for one as the V10 Ford is a good motor but a gas guzzling gutless Pig in a Class A I had one in my F350 and it barley pulled my old 2004 Monty But the main reasons for us is we have never been in a
Class A with much of a Kitchen and the placement of the TV's in a Class A's are never very good(why is that???) ,and having to have a toad and the biggest thing is just about Every time there is a Mobile Tech in the RV Parks they are working on a Class A BUT I tell ya one thing I sure liked driving our old Holiday Rambler Class A with that gutless Old Ford 460 we did have a lot of good times in that Rig even going 30 MPH up some mountain passes
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