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We never made it out to Organ Pipe, not this time. I miss the desert. I miss Catalina State Park and will always return there for visits. The weather was getting bad and I had a limited amount of time off so we started migrating east. I loved the drive through NM and Texas. It got down to below freezing and we used our electric blanket at overnight campgrounds. We had great Cajun food in Baton Rouge and landed in Lutz, near Tampa, Fl. The Mountaineer has been wonderful so far. David does seem obsessed with trying to get the black tank sensors to be accurate. He's a retired lab supervisor and likes his instrumets to be accurate Oh, only one disaster so far. When backing into our tight spot here he forgot to unhook the slide on his hitch or something and the 5r popped out the truck back window. Duh.
The Mountaineer rocks(both literally and figuratively). I told him we have to go to Camping World or somewhere to get one of those tripods to stop the rocking. Just walking across the room normally makes it feel like you're on a boat in choppy water. I'm already dizzy and don't need any extra!

The Florida weather has been great. Upper 70's, lower 80's. I'm shopping for a screened room to attach to the Mountaineer so we can sit outside in the evenings without mosquitos. They're not all that bad but I think I'd like a screenroom. Advice on that would be appreciated if anyone has any.
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