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New guy with a question

Bought a 2013 Montana 3582RL last year. We went on a couple week long vacations to the local lakes in the DFW area and had a great time. Learned on the 2nd trip that the tires needed replaced. Blew one of the Goodyear's out headed to the lake but caught it when it started smoking and was able to stop quickly and no real damage. We were not so lucky on the return home. Lost a rear tire at 60 mph and it blew out big time. Sounded like a shot gun going off in the cab and shot a chunk of rubber across the hood of a car that was driving next to me. It also ripped the fender skirt of the 5th wheel out. Love the hydraulic jacks on my Montana. Changed tire and back on the road in less than 30 minutes.

My big question is where can I buy a fender skirt without going to a dealer? I afraid that there are a couple places on the one that was blown off that has creases pretty bad and will not straighten without cracking.
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