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I may have been a little quick to say some of the things I did. Please accept my apologies.

I note you refer to a wire feed machine. Most consumers that have some welding experience have never seen a welding job performed with an AC welder. All of these pretty welds you see are performed with one of 2 types of welding machines. The DC welder using reverse polarity or a gas shield welder TIG or MIG.

The AC welder doesn’t make a real pretty weld when welding vertical or over head but does do as structurally as good a job when the operator is properly trained. That is why when I need a welder I find one from a pipe line company. They are recertified very often.

You will notice that the bottom of the unpainted strap is not welded. My metal structures engineer specified the not to be welded.


The only RV I have looked at that had the Mor/ryde IS installed I found that Mor/ryde had seriously modified the frame. I also found that they adhere to some welding principals that Lippert obviously doesn’t know about.

The last time I mentioned this lack of welding expertise at Lipper’s facility I was told that the frame was welded by a machine. That only means if you have a poorly trained operator you get all welds done poorly.

I have communicated with Mor/ryde about a couple of units that belonged to widow lady friends (you would be surprised at how many woman keep the RV after their husband passes) of my wife’s that had Mor/ryde VIN plates on them. Mor/ryde's capabilities are very far ranging any they are well known for their quality work.

If I ever get over my bad experience with an IS system (unknown manufacturer) Mor/ryde would be the only company I would want to modify the trailer for an IS installation.

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