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Its funny
As a Kid we argued Ford vs. Chevy vs. Mopar all the time.
I really loved my GMC 1500 but I bought a Dodge only because of the engine.
I had the Cummins in my 35 foot motorhome and it amazed me with its power.
So I bought a 2007 4x4 with the latest version of the Cummins. Excellent milage and power that never seems to quit. (except in passing above 85) but them again the new assin (sp) 6 speed transmission make a great team. Now if they only would put in an Allison it would be perfect.
The Dodge is a bit dated inside but with leather buckets, GPS the package is very servicable.
I have had mileage up to 22 Mpg at highway speed and 14.9 pulling.
Might now be as pretty as the Ford or the GM products but I paid many time less than the same equipment in either of them.

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