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Originally Posted by greische View Post
i've been with Allstate for over 30 years. I had one claim with them for hitting a deer and they did not even send an adjuster. Had me take it to the shop of my choice, took their estimate and paid the claim.
Allstate often takes care of their clients well. It is payments to others where they suck.
In August a woman rear ended my truck and ran. The vehicle was found with a different driver. Knowing how they hate paying others I had my company take care of my truck. They recovered the deductible as well. However, the rental I had to submit a claim for ~ 3 times. Only $464.84 and they did not want to pay, not even when I threatened small claims court. Three weeks ago they were informed I was going to have my attorney take care of it on principle even if it cost me more than the claim. Last week they assured me I'd have the check this week ~~ not as of yesterday.
Allstate is a huge insurer, but not the biggest. Yet they have the most court cases as they do not like to pay claims. I've been told even a small dent if the other has insurance ~~ head to the doctor as they will pay quicker to eliminate/curtail medical claims
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