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Originally Posted by SirCampsalot View Post
Yes lyrics from the Who, Im old.

Went to a RV show yesterday and saw a Montana we liked. Well they had that super fantastic "Show Price" that WOW's that new 1st time buyer into signing on the spot. Made a call to my local Montana dealer and guess what? Without even begging he offered me the same exact unit for $7400 less than that better get it now "Show Price".

Moral to this story, go to show to see many brands and models in one place. Do your home work BEFORE going and then shop around. Could be "Show Price" best deal, but do not assume anything.

Oh yea, buying local is your best option. You will avoid that after the sale service night mare.

"What do you mean because I did not purchase from you you will not service my RV?"

We have said and posted that many times. If you have done your homework and are a good negotiator you can get the same or better price anywhere You can also get the price you want to pay at the RV show depending on your skills. The RV show is a great place to see and compare brands and pricing. Helen and I worked RV shows several times. We travel all over the country and have never had a issue with RV service or repair anywhere.We call Keystone customer service and have them make the arrangements.,
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