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Before I decided that having an accurate sensor reading on my tanks wasn't that big a deal, I did a little research. I read up on the Horst probes and while doing that, I ran across SeeLeveL tank sensors. You can Google them if you like. The Horst uses the existing readout panel on the wall, but you are removing the sensors in your tanks and replacing them with the Horst which presents a possible leak source no matter how careful you might be on the install. Even with the hoods on the sensors ... I'd think paper or food particles could somehow still come in contact with the probe ... just not as much??? The SeeLevel system uses adhesive sensor tape that adhears to the tank on the outside ... you just abandon the old sensors in place. You also use the existing wiring more or less. Lastly, you have to mount their readout panel somewhere. It does readout in % of full not just 1/3 2/3 and full. How many times have you had 2/3 of a tank of water ... filled up a glass of water and then read 1/3 and said "what the ???" There's a bit more info on them, but I mentioned most of the points of interest. Just throwing this out as an alternative to think about.
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