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[QUOTE=PSFORD99;1166302]One of the reasons I rotate my own tires. The other reason, is that a lot of places torque your wheels, but the problem is they set the air wrench too tight ,and all they do is hear the torque wrench click, they are already too tight.

With that being said ,I buy my tires pretty much from the same dealer . Have had no issues with them damaging my alloy wheels. They always match prices, and even if they don't carry what I want ,they will get them.

What I do is stand over them ,and won't let them use the air wrench, and as said the only chance they get with my wheels is the mounting ,and balancing when I purchase them . After that I rotate. I know thats not for everyone ,but so far I rotate myself. There will be a day I'm sure when I won't want too. But at 72 not a problem yet.

Another thing, back many years ago , I did go in for a rotation, and balance, he asked me when I said I need them rotated ,and balanced, do they need balancing ,and I said they feel fine , just thought they were supposed to be balance when rotated. He told me if there was no issue with them leave them alone. To this day I have yet felt like I needed tires balanced , lucky ? ,maybe.[/QUOTE

I will not let them tighten mine too tight. In fact, I reinstalled the wheels. I carry an torque wrench with me at all times are do it my self.
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