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Originally Posted by DmaxDually View Post
Believe me I'm still looking. I had a chevy dealer tell me that they don't do Dually/aluminum wheels and they sell the dam trucks. It's a 2 part problem. The 1st part is the aluminum rim issue and the second bigger part is that my truck is a crew cab, long bed dually. The majority of "tire" places in my area can't handle it. They tell me they can but they can't and they don't have the large size cone to hold the wheel on the spin balancer.
The guy at GoodYear broke his lift when he tried to lift my truck. It was an "H" lift. He pulled it into the bay, he positioned the the arms on the lift under the frame and proceeded to lift the truck. Once the lift started taking the weight off the suspension, my tires were still on the ground, one of the arms on the lift snapped. Luckily my truck wasn't off the ground yet..I wish I could find a place that I don't have to worry about getting my wheels or truck damaged..
Have you tried Dick Norris GMC in Palm Harbor? We spend the winter months near there but haven't had them do any tire work. But what warranty and other work we've had there was very good. Got a great deal a year ago from a GMC dealer in St. Clair, MI on a set of Goodyear Kevlars. But they botched the balance on one front tire and broke 2 of the TPMS sensors. Won't go there again.

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