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The basis of making the first trip positive is to get to know your rig. Read the owners manuals, find the galley tank drain (usually in front of the street side tires) and ask questions on the forum. The only stupid question is the one you didn't ask(all of us were new once). As far as how and what, if anything, you use to treat your tanks you'll find about as many answers as folks respond. Most of us do use a tank treatment for the black tank. For six years I've used Happy Camper and liked it. Since I bought the new rig I've been impressed with something the dealer suggested, but not ready to recommend it yet. I had the fence post for hose storage on the old rig. The new one came with a Valterra hose holder screwed to the frame on the street side so I bought another and mounted it on the curb side. IS is independent suspension. Expensive. Frankly I had IS and disk brakes on the old rig, but based on how this one rides and stops I will wait before I spend all that money on this one. So far the difference hasn't been that noticeable. By the way, welcome to the Forum and may your new rig bring you many years of wonderful memories.
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