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2014 3402RL--how big is front and rear Gray tank?

Working on cleaning out the front gray tank, which the shower drains into. I can fill the rear one, that the kitchen sink drains into, in about a week, but the front shower one with bathroom sink and vanity sink, I have yet to get the sensors to read above 1/2 full in over a week. (Notice I said "sensors read" since I am not convinced that the sensors are working correctly, part of my original problem).

So, I closed the galley tank valve, let it fill completely up so my kitchen sink would no longer drain, and I was able to pull the dump valve and clean a good bit of nasty black crud from that tank.

Trying to do the same with the front gray tank, but I have no idea why it is taking so long to fill up.

Specs say only one gray tank, and 93 gallons, but I am assuming 50 gallons in the front, same size as the black tank, and 43 gallons in the galley? But if so, the front tank would fill up quicker than the rear one, because of the showers, brushing teeth, taking meds, etc vs just doing dishes in the kitchen.

I know we have two gray tanks, so at least that part of the specs is incorrect.
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