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Peg Jack,
I would think you can get the packages you want with Direct. I do not have the packages you want but know they offer them.

Now the question is do you want to use a tripod setup or do you want to have a Winegard SK-3005 Traveler that is a one button setup. The tripod setup costs maybe $250 vs the roof mounted dish at about $1500. It is not as difficult to setup a tripod as the DTV installers tell you. RVers do it all the time. With a little practice it can be done. You can also make a simple satellite pointer to help you locate the satellites with ease. With a pointer like this I have setup the tripod 5 lnb HD Slimline dish on a regular bases without using any meters.

With Diplexers and switches you can have three tvs. I do not know if your 09 is setup like the 10s. This would make the difference in how the three tv hookup is done.

If you go to a shop that sells satellite systems to RVers they will know how to accomplish what you want to do. Most all areas that have snowbirds will have shops like this.

I know I am not giving you a specific answer. That is hard for me to do not knowing exactly how your 09 is setup. Example is it an Anniversary Edition or the standard 09. There would probably be a difference between the two. I had three TVs in my 08 2955RL. It can be done by several different methods.

I know there are others out there that is doing what you want to do and someone with an 09 will come along with a DTV setup that can easily give you a specific answer.

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