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Fuel pump to help gravity feed aux tank.

Has anyone added a small 12 volt fuel pump to 'assist' the flow of fuel from the bed mounted gravity feed aux tank? I have a 35 gallon tank on the bed with the standard gravity feed set up. I added a 12 volt, normally closed, solenoid valve that stays closed unless I activate a switch. But I find that the trickle of fuel is so slow that the truck seems to use fuel faster that it get replenished from the aux tank. I found a small 12 volt universal fuel pump and added it to the line. It operates at the same time as the valve. When the valve opens the pump runs. It doubled the fuel flow and works great.

However! It also pressurizes the truck tank. I find if I let it run for more than about ten minutes, then open the fuel cap, I get a pretty good hiss as the air escapes. I may have to design an air vent that sends the air back to the aux tank.
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