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I certainly appreciate all of the input you fine folks have provided.
From this we have put down that the National Parks out West will be a priority. As a flatlander from Florida this should be quite an experience!!!7
I would like to comment that it is interesting that two locations popped up several times in my own backyard.
1. Ft Wilderness at Disney, it truly is an amazing and magical place. Clean, friendly, and a great place to relax. It is also the quickest set up as the time spent leveling the rig is zero, if by chance your not level just move up or back a few inches !!
2. Ft. Desoto, just south of St. Pete Fl, this is a county park. Once you are in the campground you can’t tell the difference from the water front sites in the old Fl Keys. Amazing sites. Bike or drive further into the park and you end up almost UNDER THE SKYWAY bridge, then keep going to beautiful Gulf of Mexico beaches. I’ve been going there since 1972, and it just keeps being the same, wonderful.
So, our first trip out will start at Fort Desoto and from there south to Key West and back up the East Coast on a lighthouse tour into Maine, and hopefully Nova Scotia. Drop back down and head west to the Mississippi River and follow it down to New Orleans, back east to finish up the east coast tour of lighthouses.
Second trip up to Route 66, the head West....more to come. We love history and beautiful I am wide open for suggestions along the ways I’ve described above.
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