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Dodge truck with 24 valve Cummins Diesel

I don't know how many people that read this forum have a Dodge pickup with the 24 vavle diesel engine, but I thought I would post some advise:

While that engine is an excellent engine, it does have one weakness, the electic fuel, or lift pump. If this fuel pump fails, which is common, it will destroy the fuel injection pump (the Bosch VP44 injection pump). A replacement injection pump is not cheap!!! Installed can cost over $1,500.

It is HIGHLY, and I mean HIGHLY recommended to install a fuel pressure guage in the cab. This will tell you if the electric fuel pump (some times called a lift pump, or supply pump) is working. Normally it should run about 10-12 psi. If the pressure drops below 8-10 psi have someone qualified look at that pump.

While a fuel pump, or lift pump failing can be a problem with other diesel engines, it normally will not cause additional damamge to the rest of the diesel injection system. Also, with most other diesel engines, you will notice a loss of power when that pump goes. With the Dodge 24 valve, the diesel injection pump can supply enough fuel to the engine so that you won't notice a power loss, but will cause the pump to cavitate and send metal pieces to go through the system...(not good).

Anyway, I thought I would share that information to anyone out there that has one of those trucks.... get a fuel pressure guage installed and watch the fuel pressure!!!!

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