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The co-ax line must be clear to allow the 12v from the SAT Receiver to reach the SAT antenna. If the SAT Receiver does not supply the 12v to the SAT antenna,it will not work. The signal from the SAt antenna travels down the 12v co-ax line to the receiver. If anything stops this such as splitters etc then it will not work.

The 12v at the SAT antenna can be checked with a voltmeter when the SAT receiver is turned on. You can cycle the SAT receiver to make sure that it is coming from the SAT receiver. On my 5er CATV line I cannot get the receiver to supply the 12V. Something stops the signal. Thus I had to install a seperate connection for SAT.

However splitters can be put on the output of the receiver to supply two televisions. Thats what I did and I also installed co-ax switches at each TV so I can select SAT or CATV.
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