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I purchased a 03 this year and am very happy with it. Did have a water pump go out but it was still under warranty (100,000 mile) called Dodge dealer in the town I was in. They had me call the factory warranty tow people and had it towed for no charge. The water pump was kind of a freak deal and considering all the miles driven over the years I was probably up for a break down. One thing about the towing Dodge will not cover the Monty, the truck only and kind of a pain to deal with. I would not mention this and pay the difference to have the Monty towed with it out of my pocket. For the extra 20 bucks better than leaving the Monty on the side of the road. One thing I did do with this truck was when I first got it I was only getting 17 MPG light on the road 3.73 gears. Had the dealer re-flash the computer ($90.00) with all the new updates and now get 21 on the road 19 over all average light around 11-12 towing. You will not be disappointed............
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