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Can you please help me. My tablet logs onto this MOC site automatically. My phone used to also. I replaced my phone with a new phone and now need to enter my email and password into the phone to get logged on. I tried to put in my MOC email and password and it rejects that as "incorrect password" and tells me to log in with my IRV2 credentials. So I put my IRV2 userid and password in and it rejects that telling me to use my email which I did and it rejects the password. So I then try to reset my passweord with my email and it says I used an email address that is not on file.

So I open the last MOC digest that I received on my tablet and click on a post which takes me to the MOC site and automatically logs me in. I click on User CP and then Userid and Password. It brings up the screen where I can change my password. At the bottom of that screen it has my email address - To change my password I have to put in my old password. It won't take my MOC password nor my IRV2 password.
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