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I never use my phone to access the MOC as the software is setup for a PC browser and barely tolerates a phone browser. Plus it is too hard to read the forum on my phone. But I tried it out on my phone and tablet just to see what works or doesn't in the Login process.

It isn't clear what phone and browser you are using nor what prompt(s) you are referring to when you wrote "every time it prompts me I put it in and it goes right back to the same prompt."

I had no trouble logging in. But it is important to enter your Email address and password correctly. If either is incorrect you will get the "wrong password" message.

Ensure that when you enter your email address that it matches what the forum thinks it should be exactly. I suspect yours is govslug@some_provider. Be very careful as my phone wants to capitalize the first letter of whatever is entered which would result is something like Govslug@some_provider. Govslug is not the same as govslug and will cause a invalid password response.

I hope this helps. If not come back with more details.

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