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quote:Originally posted by cmp-shooter

LEMME GUESS,the storage place says "they ain't responsible"We stored it in a gated fenced secure place, we thought. They do say they are not responsible. We think it might have been an inside job, but can't prove it. The storage place said the w/d was destroyed, but we never saw the damage. They got rid of it.

on separate note why does your 04 montana look like my 05?? now I wonder if I paid 05 price for an 04?? now I've got to do some checking
We ordered our 2004 3380RL Montana in January 2004. Delivered to us from factory March 18, 2004. I believe the 3380RL replaced the 3280RL. I think they discontinued that model, unless they manufactured some more in 2005,or the end of 2004 and called it a 2005.
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