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Jay, hope this helps -
I use the manufactured plastic square blocks to keep the round steel leg baseplates off the ground in order to limit the rusting of the plates at most campsites. However, I can see where using a wooden 2 x 12 block of some length could be beneficial in some soils, especially where the soil is wet or where the site is low and prone to be moist. This is because I find the plastic blocks will sink into the ground and the cutouts in the block will fill up with dirt and need to be cleaned out after use. The 2 x 12 wood block in the same soil will sink somewhat also but won't need to clean out later on because of no cutouts. So, in the future, I will saw up (6) 2 x 12's of some length to have on hand for a site where the soil is prone to being moist. Whatever choice you make - enjoy your camping experience!
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