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Happy with our 380TH

I just wanted to post that while we did have issues with some things, eventually our dealer, Rich and Sons in Grand Island, NE, have fixed all of them, and DW and I are very happy with our camper. And kudo's to Rich and Sons. They are a great dealer/service organization.

The power bed was jerky and slow at first, but after working with Keystone/LCI for 8 hours one day, they got it to where it should have been from the beginning. Nice and smooth all the way up and down.

The power recliner was repaired under warranty, but not sure what they had to do to it.

The baggage door on the drivers side front had to be replaced twice, but it now is solid and I've replaced the 60 lbs. gas struts with 40 lbs. to reduce the chance of the door coming apart again. It works fine.

The dealer installed the drip pans on our first warranty repair visit before I even knew they were an issue. So no bubbled roof on the slides.

I replumbed the grey drain into the black outlet, so only one hose to hook up. Easy, and it took more time assembling the parts than it did to actually do it. I still don't understand why Keystone saw fit to install 2 drains. The layout of the tanks and lines made it easier to just have one.

On our first outing in March just after we picked it up, the leveling system gave me the dreaded error message about one leg not working properly. the dealer and I both reseated the connectors for that leg, and no problems since. It's working for us.

And while we are not full timers, I've spent 55 nights in it, and DW is at 49. So it gets used and moved around a lot.

And we've had guests sleep in the fold out couches who've reported they are very comfortable, and want to get one for their camper in place of the couch/airbed thing.

So overall we are happy. I hope everyone can eventually say the same thing.
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