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The bed in my 381th goes up smoothly and semi-quietly. Maybe mine is smooth because there is NOT a seal of any kind between the lifting part of the bed and the garage underneath. This is the strangest and most screwed up design flaw I think I have ever encountered. If you have the garage open at night and turn on the light in the garage, flying critters are GOING to be attracted. Something about natural law or something along those lines. In any case, if you close the garages with said critters in there they will seek escape. Now we are back to the complete lack of anything even closely resembling a seal between the garage and the bedroom above it.

My wife and I were busy for hours killing these flying critters. A portion of these beggars were of the blood sucking types. How much would it have added to put a rubber seal between the moving wall and the fixed wall? Perhaps another $100 dollars?
Get ready for that one. Still trying to figure out how to fix this no seal issue without dismantling the entire bedroom..

Suggestions? Anyone.. Please
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